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We provide authenticated records for litigated and non-litigated cases for Workers Compensation and General Liability.  Each order on our patent-pending platform is authenticated on our immutable blockchain - the same blockchain already in use by IBM, American Express, AIG, Liberty Mutual and hundreds of the most prestigious law firms in the country.

Each order and record received is authenticated on our blockchain. Every user is authenticated on our blockchain.

Every record we provide is guaranteed to be identical to the custodian of record.

Our solution runs on a HITRUST Certified Cloud - The highest level of security for medical records available. We treat ALL records as though they are medical records, preserving your clients privacy and ensuring their confidence in you.


Records obtained via subpoena on our patent-pending process are built on a blockchain backbone in the most robust and secure healthcare cloud available.  There are already 250 million patient records secured by our partner.  Your clients deserve the highest level of security and protection available.  Don't trust your client's most sensitive records to anyone or anything less.


Our patent-pending process includes complete digital rights management.  Any record ordered can be recalled anywhere in the world - in the unlikely event of a security breach.  Even patient records no longer in an email system can be made inaccessible on any computer, in any country, at any time.


ClearDATA is HITRUST 9.1

Our patent-pending business processes and systems are being assessed by and running on the country's leading provider of healthcare data clouds - ClearData.  No other record retrieval service can offer you and your clients the safety and peace of mind knowing the most sensitive and personal information is maintained to the highest certification.


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